Struggling to ask for a pay rise? Here is how!

So you feel that you deserve a pay rise…

Pay isn’t the main motivator for everybody but we do go to work to earn money. Let’s face it, we’d all like to earn as much money as we possibly can or at the very least, what we feel we deserve!

Asking for a pay rise is never an easy thing to do but with the help of this blog we aim to make it a little bit easier for you.

Research your local market

The first thing that you need to do is research your local market. If  you can let your boss know what competitors are paying your peers in your local job market, they will be much more likely to reward you with a pay rise to match. You need to know how much to ask for and there are plenty of salary benchmarking tools online to assist you.

Choose your timing

This is an extremely important aspect in asking for a pay rise. If you and the company has had a particularly successful month it’s always good to strike whilst the iron is hot! The mood that your boss is in will influence your chances of success so make sure that it’s when they’re feeling happy and positive!

Don’t make a big deal of it!

Try to ask for a pay rise when both yourself and your boss are at ease. If you make it into a big deal and an awkward situation your boss is less likely to greet you with the answer that you want. Make sure that you’re both sitting comfortably and the conversation is heading in a positive direction before you decide to ask.

Tell them your reasoning

When you ask for a pay rise you want to make sure you can back it up with reasoning. Perhaps you feel that you now offer more to the business since undertaking a qualification. Maybe your role has grown and you now undertake more duties than you previously did. It could even be that the cost of living has increased and your pay hasn’t. Whatever your reasoning may be, make sure that you are ready to talk about it!

Listen to their answer

Once you have put your case across it’s now time to listen. You want the conversation to remain a positive one and any good employer will want to keep their top performers. They may provide you with a challenge in order to be rewarded or perhaps they will agree with you if you have done your research and articulated your case as discussed above.

Stay relaxed

It’s really important to keep calm and stay relaxed during the conversation. If you appear tensed up or are dismissive of what your boss has to say it will make them react and behave in a similar fashion. Just remember that you want this to be a positive and upbeat interaction. Any sign of tension or negativity will not result in a positive outcome.

Follow the discussion with an email

Make sure that you follow up what was discussed in an email. If your boss has challenged you to earn the reward of a pay rise this allows you to track it. They may give you a date when pay is to be reviewed or when the budget is looked it. If it’s in an email you can follow again at that point and reignite the talks.

If all fails…look at other options

Some employers may not agree to a pay rise no matter what the circumstances are. If this is the case and earning more is important to you then it may be time to look elsewhere. The Cambridge market is highly competitive and companies are constantly fighting for the best talent. It’s important not to hop from company to company but if you give 110% and have the right attitude the perfect move may be just around the corner…

Good luck!

It’s never easy asking your boss for a pay rise but hopefully the points above will help you put a strong case together. Hard work and loyalty deserve to be recognised – good luck!

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