How Do I Get An Office Job With No Experience?

We often hear this from junior candidates or perhaps candidates that are looking to make a career change and enter the world of office work. But how do you make the move without experience?

In this blog we will discuss the best ways to go about making the switch and improving your chances!

1. Approach companies about apprenticeships

Admittedly this is more of an option for junior candidates that are looking to enter the world of work for the first time. Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to learn on the job, whilst taking home a wage. More importantly they allow you to build a network of contacts that may one day lead to a permanent office vacancy.

2. Do some volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience in a certain discipline or industry. It also allows you to build a strong network of contacts, looks great for your CV and provides you with the opportunity to enhance your skills!

3. Build your network

Whenever you meet or interact with somebody it’s a great opportunity to find out what they do, who they know and spread the good word about yourself. It’s often said that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Which is why building a network of contacts is so important!

4. Work on your CV

Naturally, you have to be honest and up front on your CV. This doesn’t mean that you can’t highlight administrative or office type duties to make these skills and areas of experience stand out when applying for a role. Office skills can include telephone manner, quality of written emails, IT proficiency to name but a few. So make sure that these are highlighted in your CV!

5. Apply for realistic positions

It’s natural to aim for the sky and target the best positions when we see them online. Realistically you want to be looking at entry level positions or perhaps positions that lend themselves to transferable skills that you have picked up. Always follow up with a call so you can get your enthusiasm and personality across as your CV may have been overlooked.

6. Speak to an agency!

Working with a good agency is a great way to make the switch! Recruitment agencies often have some sway with clients when it comes to seeing potential “wildcard” candidates. As long as you have the right attitude, are keen to learn and develop and your expectations are realistic. An agency can probably help. It’s always useful to follow any application with a call to make yourself stand out and start building a relationship with your recruiter!

Moving into an office role without experience is certainly not easy but if you do the right things to grow your network, enhance your skills and highlight experience on your CV it can be done!

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