Interviews – how to ace them!

Research the organisation

In order to land this job, the employer needs to know that you’re interested. We ask that candidates research the organisation, their history, recent news, set up, and mission statement- it shows them that you have put the time in to understand them. Doing your homework in your own time is the easiest way to impress, and make you stand out!

Know your CV 

Every interview is based around what you’ve written in your CV. It’s worthwhile to take the time to read over it again and really memorise your previous experience, as struggling to remember what you did before will certainly not impress.

Know the job description 

This is the organisation’s way of making sure you have the attributes to undertake the job; They will expect you to regurgitate it. Make sure that you have studied the job description and understand what is expected of you.

Prepare for questions

The employer will ask open ended questions, particularly about how you might respond to certain situations that you would typically be faced with.

Tip: Look at the job description and have a think about what questions that they could ask – it’s a good way to prepare yourself!

Dress Smart

No matter what sort of feel the company has, assume that you will be expected to arrive dressed smart unless you are specifically told otherwise. On average it takes 90 seconds for an employer meeting you to decide if they will hire you or not!

Be positive about your former employers 

If you’re looking for a new role then chances are you aren’t fulfilled in your current one. It’s easy to be negative, but having a positive take on your previous experience creates a much better impression of you as a person.

Think of some good questions to ask 

Preparing questions to ask during an interview is crucial. You want to show the employer that the role needs to be right for you. Don’t ask about salary, benefits or what time you finish.

Tip: Ask questions about the organisation and job role. Some of the best questions you can ask are: What are the main challenges I might face? What do you enjoy about working for the company? What is the team like?

You can then ask if they have any concerns about what you’ve said, as it’s a great opportunity to address and clarify anything that wasn’t clear before.

Body language 

People make their first assumptions about you based on your body language, so it’s important to try to maintain good posture, eye contact, and a positive expression! If you’re a bit nervous, let the employer know- they will appreciate your honesty!

Take notes with you 

If they’re neat and tidy, taking a few notes with you can be extremely helpful.

Tip: Take in a copy of your CV, the job role description, and any questions that you may have. This will show that you have taken this interview seriously enough to come prepared and organised.

Follow up 

This is something that you might believe is inappropriate, but following up if you haven’t heard anything is important!

Leave it until the day you were told you’d hear from them by, and don’t overdo it; Showing that you want to hear what they thought of you shows your interest in the role.

Good luck!

Interviews can be nerve-wracking. Preparation can help to put you at ease, and significantly improves your chances of acing the interview you’ve worked so hard to attain.

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