In recent times, society’s attitude towards women has changed dramatically. From gaining the right to vote back in 1918, to highlighting the 8.9% gender pay gap. There are still issues of inequality that are prevalent in the working world.

The archaic idea women ought to run the household is now in the past, but we still need to pay attention to societal attitudes towards women, especially in the workplace.

It’s vital that women know from a young age that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. That you have the chance to create any career that you are passionate about, regardless of your gender. But finding your career can be difficult, and it can take a few tries before you find what suits you for the long term.

Everyone deserves a fair chance at achieving the very best that they are capable of; a daunting job-search shouldn’t stop you. Here at Eclectic Recruitment, we are committed to giving equal opportunities to all of our candidates- matching you to a role that fits your needs perfectly.

We have expert knowledge across traditional office-based disciplines and IT. This includes Commercial Office, HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT Support, and Infrastructure. We strive to work with conscientious clients who hold our values too, regardless of your gender. 

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