As we say goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024 one thing that has got me thinking, is the number of clients looking for candidates with marketing experience as well as qualifications for junior roles. This tends to pose a stumbling block in the recruitment process as generally a candidate with both of these on their CV, tend to want to move into executive level roles. Meaning that junior marketing vacancies are left open for longer than they should be or worse not filled. I have also noticed there are a huge amount of marketing graduates who are looking to start their career.

One of the benefits of hiring a marketing graduate is they are very keen and want to work hard to prove themselves. Graduates have had to study typically, for around three years and are very motivated to impress in their first role. Whilst bringing with them the latest knowledge of marketing methodologies, that can improve a business instantly. There is also a big potential to develop graduates to work in the ways that your business operates, as they have not been coached into working a certain way. Not only can they learn and understand a business’s methods and culture much faster, but they can be moulded to become senior members of the business who understand the company’s values. This will save you both money on acquisitions in the future, plus they will be more likely to show more loyalty to your business.

For a graduate to succeed in their first role, they will need a nurturing team who are willing to show them support and time to develop their skills. Who knows, maybe they will become the Vice President of your marketing team, helping drive your business to the next level. So, I put it to you, is your work environment nurturing and does it provide a safe space for graduates to grow?

To summarise, a marketing graduate has many benefits they can bring to your business not only short term but long term as well. Short terms benefits are that they are cheaper to hire and are motivated to do a great job. The long-term benefits are that they can be moulded into the marketer you want and can be developed into senior members of the team who will stay with your business, driving it forward. While I appreciate a graduate will not suit every role, they do have many good qualities and skills that can help improve your business, so if you are looking to hire your next marketer, Junior or Senior, reach out to myself and I can put you in touch with some excellent candidates that I am working with.

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