Right First Time: The importance of titling financial job vacancies correctly

The tasks associated with job titles can vary from business to business, especially within finance, so it is vitally important is it to ensure that you are advertising your vacancy correctly to attract the best, and most appropriate, talent to your workforce. To discover more, John Falconer, Recruitment Consultant – Finance & Accounting, shares his tips for getting your adverts right everytime.

Day-to-day I speak to candidates from the financial sector, actively searching for their next challenge, and more recently I have been surprised to hear just how many have attended interviews that did not complement their skillset, despite the job title matching their current position. For example, a strong business partner looking to implement change and impact decision making will not be right for a transactional role focused mainly on statutory accounts and month end. So don’t be afraid to post your vacancy as a Finance Business Partner if that is what it genuinely is, but if you are looking for a more varied skillset, maybe consider a more generic Finance Manager title with some FP&A duties listed within the tasks instead.

Posting generic job descriptions and arranging interviews for applicants without the necessary and relevant experience will prolong the interview process and result in your hiring managers likely missing out on the right candidates. Ultimately increasing the cost to your business.

Whether you are looking for an individual role with a particular specialism, or more of a general accountant, working out the business needs and ensuring that your job description, and title, reflects this is crucial. Not only does this ensure that your hiring managers are maximising their efficiency, but candidates are instantly more attracted to a business that knows what they are looking for, and what they can provide to the candidate. Sharing ill-considered descriptions and poorly-written roles can also result in candidates black-listing your company as a prospective employer, they may not be the best fit for the role now, but you may have unknowingly deterred the applicant from future opportunities.

Getting it ‘right first time’ might seem like an obvious solution to hiring the best candidates to fill your positions, however there are many companies not heeding this advice. Utilising the skills and experience of a recruitment specialist to partner with your internal recruitment team can eliminate these errors that are so easily made when looking for a ‘quick hire’ over a ‘quality hire’.

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