Streamline Your Hiring Process: Eclectic Legal Recruiters for Top Talent Acquisition

Partnering with legal recruiters is a key resource that can be used to secure the highest quality of talent for your firm as efficiently as possible. In such a competitive market space, it is crucial to ensure that you are hiring the best calibre of candidates available to you, through the most sufficient means. Here in our legal department at Eclectic, we work specifically to ensure that you are being provided with staff that not only integrate but enhance your core firm values. Offering an array of expertise, gained from years of specialised experience, our legal recruiters are the solution to successfully streamlining your current recruitment process.

Burdening practice managers, HR staff or Partners with the task of recruiting new team members can be both time consuming and costly. The overall procedure for hiring new staff is far from simple. Particularly when factoring in the time it takes to source candidates, hold preliminary screening calls, arrange and conduct interviews and then complete onboarding administrative processes. On average, it is reported that it takes 44 days to hire new legal recruits (Wharton Online, 2023).

This is precious time taken away from your current staff to be completing the critical duties needed for your business, especially if these recruitment duties are passed on to fee earners. Outsourcing this responsibility to our specialised professionals means that recruitment can be completed quickly and efficiently, ensuring candidate quality is not lost in the process. Our team of Legal recruiters not only source great talent, but also conduct detailed initial screening conversations and schedule all interviews stages, saving your staff the hassle.

Also, the current prices of advertising job vacancies cannot be ignored when assessing your internal recruitment expenses. Using multiple different platforms such as Reed, CV library, Linkdin and Indeed at once to advertise just a single vacancy can amount to thousands of pounds in costs. Here at Eclectic, we have access to all of the listed job board sites and an existing pool of candidates registered in our internal system, saving you the expenses. This particularly comes in use when you have multiple vacancies that need to be advertised at once, a cost we happily cover in our overall service.

Drawing upon our skills, resources and knowledge gained through experience in the legal market, we strive to provide our clients with the best recruits that suit their needs. We have successfully partnered with law firms across the UK to streamline their current hiring structures and relieve their staff of costs and time wastage. We even offer a free replacement or 110% of your fee back if your candidate leaves within the first 100 days, providing that extra layer of security with our industry leading rebate. If you are ready to equip your firm with the highest calibre of legal talent on the market, please do not hesitate to contact our team of legal recruiters on 01223 803055.


Written by Jade McCarthy

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