‘Temps Before 10’ – 7 Temporary Staff Benefits That Could Transform Your Business

Employers used to view temporary staffing solutions as a way of filling a gap in the workforce. These solutions were entry-level and with little industry experience.

Today, there are more than 1.5 million temporary workers in the UK. Advances in the recruitment sector and increases in client demand has driven change. High-calibre temporary staffing services specialising in sectors such as office and IT recruitment (amongst others) are now widely available.

What is ‘Temps Before 10’?

‘Temps before 10’ is our popular initiative which enables clients to quickly fill staff shortages at a moments notice. Our skilled temps are on stand-by each morning and ready to arrive at your company the very same day and by 10 am.


The benefits of using temporary staff:

– Reduce your staffing costs and only pay for the labour that you actually use.

– Temps are available to start at short notice which removes lengthy recruitment processes. They are ready to hit the ground running as soon as they arrive at your business.

– Temps help your business to be agile during busy periods. If you become busy at short notice, you can rest easy in the knowledge that extra resource is one short call away.

– Sourcing skilled temporary staff quickly and efficiently protects your workflow from disruption. Temps allow you to continue on the path towards meeting your business goals and objectives.

– Our temps are so well matched that many of them earn full-time positions with our clients. This can be a fantastic way of trialling staff before offering a permanent role within your business.

– Experienced temporary staff will bring fresh ideas into your business. They also often possess skills accrued elsewhere that could prove valuable for your company.

– Temporary staff can release pressure on the rest of the workforce. This in turn can boost morale and productivity, allowing you to hit your goals sooner.

Employing temporary staff is now sustainable and often a fruitful exercise for businesses. During the pandemic, we’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of businesses turning towards temporary staffing solutions.

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