Why LinkedIn Easy Apply may not be the best route for employers and job seekers

In the complex world of recruitment, where convenience often reigns supreme, LinkedIn’s Easy Apply feature appears as a silver bullet for both candidates and job seekers, but does it really offer value for either group? Recruitment Manager Emma Green encourages LinkedIn users to steer well clear.

On the surface, LinkedIn’s Easy Apply feature offers a handy and simple mechanism for job seekers to throw their hats into the ring for myriad opportunities with just one click while also giving employers the impression of choice with a huge number of applicants fighting for a role. However, this seemingly straightforward process may not be the golden ticket it appears to be for either party. Here’s why opting for a recruitment agency like Eclectic could be the more intelligent choice for those serious about matching the right talent with the right opportunity.

At first glance, LinkedIn Easy Apply is the epitome of recruitment efficiency. Job seekers can apply for numerous jobs in minutes, and employers get a vast pool of candidates without waiting. But this ease comes at a cost. For candidates, the risk is in the dilution of their applications. Personalisation, so crucial in making an application stand out, often falls by the wayside in the rush of one-click applications. On the flip side, employers are inundated with many candidates, many of whom may not align with the nuanced requirements of the role.

A sea of faces, but no depth

The simplicity of Easy Apply means that job seekers are more likely to apply en masse without tailoring their applications or fully engaging with the job specifics. This results in employers sifting through a multitude of applications, many from candidates who are not a fit. The depth of understanding and connection to the role is lost, and employers must spend considerable time and resources filtering through the quantity in search of quality.

Recruitment is fundamentally about people, and successful placements require a nuanced understanding of both the candidate’s aspirations and the employer’s needs. LinkedIn Easy Apply strips away this personal element. The process’s automated nature means there’s little room for candidates to showcase their unique qualities or for employers to convey their distinct company culture. This lack of personal interaction can lead to mismatches, where neither party truly fulfils the other’s expectations or potential.

The value of specialisation

At Eclectic, we understand the intricacies of different industries and roles. Unlike the broad-brush approach of Easy Apply, a specialised recruitment agency brings a tailored perspective, ensuring that the match between candidate and employer is grounded in a deep understanding of the sector. This specialisation translates into more successful placements, with candidates who are genuinely suited to the role and employers who are truly getting the talent they need.

Choosing Eclectic means opting for a recruitment partner who invests time in understanding your unique needs, preferences, and aspirations. Whether you’re a candidate seeking your dream job or an employer looking for your next star employee, we go beyond the CV and the job description. We’re about building relationships, understanding the subtleties of each role, and ensuring that every placement is a step towards success for both parties.

The way forward

While the allure of a quick-fix solution like LinkedIn Easy Apply is undeniable, recruitment’s true value lies in the quality of connections made. For job seekers, finding the perfect role where they can thrive and grow is about more than just clicking a button. Employers, in pursuit of lasting and meaningful additions to their teams, need more than a stack of CVs: they need candidates who resonate with their values and vision.

At Eclectic, our commitment to the personal touch, in-depth understanding, and tailored approaches triumph over the one-size-fits-all solution. We pride ourselves on our commitment to these principles, ensuring that every job seeker finds their perfect fit and every employer discovers a candidate who will genuinely add value to their team.

So, bypass the impersonal click of a button and choose a path to meaningful employment connections. Contact Eclectic today, and let’s begin the journey to your ideal professional match, one thoughtful step at a time.


By Emma Green, Office Recruitment Manager at Eclectic Recruitment

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